Quality Flat Top Trailers for Sale

Designed with a large deck space eliminating the wheel arches, flat top trailers are made to carry pallets, vehicles and equipment. The units we manufacture here at Victorian Trailers feature no sides and have a downward lip at the end of their decks allowing easy access for vehicles. Useful for both commercial and domestic applications, these units are favoured by tradespeople for heavy loads such as transporting plaster, concrete reinforcement steel and other equipment to various job sites.

Available as either single or dual axle units, these trailers are constructed out of heavy duty RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) steel and can support a number of different weight loads. The dual axle units can be constructed to a rating of 4500kg GVM.

These vehicle carriers are highly versatile and can be fitted with a number of different design features to increase their efficiency and ease of use. All flat top trailers for sale can be fitted with ramps, a ramp slide, either manual or electric winch mounts and built in anchor points. They can also have an electric braking system installed to improve overall safety and control and emphasise their corporate branding.

Coming in a range of four standard colours plus a number of additional options, you can have your trailer matched to your already exist brand colours. This is great for commercial operators who might want to have their logo applied on their unit.

If you would like to learn more about our flat top trailers for sale, or you wish to discuss your specific requirements then call us on 1300 TRAILER. Alternatively feel free to drop by our showroom in Thomastown.